Why Vinyl Siding With An Insulated Foam Backer Is An Investment Worth Making

h13Is vinyl siding an investment worth making in your home? We are happy to tell you that not only is it worth making but it’s actually the best investment you can make, increasing your home’s value more than any other improvement you may have planned. In addition to adding value to your home you are also improving the energy efficiency as almost all siding comes with an insulated foam backer, keeping the cold air out of your home lowering your heating bill through the winter. The foam backer also keeps the home cooler in the summer so you may actually enjoy being inside on a hot and humid day!

How great of an investment is it? The average homeowner received an 80% return in investment when their house was sold. Now I know you are thinking that spending money on vinyl siding doesn’t seem as exciting as granite counter tops or a whirl pool in the bathroom, and this may be true, but when it comes to the buyer’s preferences vinyl siding ranks as the top must have for the majority of homeowners.

Now you must be asking what type of vinyl siding would be the best investment and give you the results you are looking for. As I said earlier the number one thing to look for is a vinyl siding with a foam backer. It’s the foam backer that leaves your wood, steel, or aluminum siding looking like a money drain. Most people think of insulating their attics and calling it sufficient, but to truly insulate your home you have to wrap it, and the most convenient, effective and affordable way is to tear off the wood, steel or aluminum wrap and wrap the house in vinyl siding with an insulated foam backer.

So there you have it, before you pick out granite, or remodel your home office, think about the first thing buyers see, your siding. It is well known that home buyers make snap judgments about a home based on the curb appeal. When purchasing the biggest investment of their lives they want to make sure that it’s maintenance free and easy on the eyes! Don’t let your ugly siding be the next person’s problem, because it very well may end up being your problem when your home sells for less than you hoped for.

I hope you have found this article to be informative and a resource for your next home remodeling project. Once the vinyl siding is up and the home is insulated by the addition of an efficient insulated foam backer, then start looking at those counter tops and your out dated bathroom. You’ll thank us later, get in touch today and we can get you connected today!